Sunday, August 26, 2012

The good times definitely rolled

The first thing to know is that we didn't stay in the French Quarter. I thought we should and would, but Josh had other ideas, and we stayed at this weirdly named place. International House Hotel. In what way is it international? How can it be a house and a hotel? But it was fancy and pretty and fun to stay at. They have a spa. They double-booked the appointment Josh made me so they gave me a new one and a free pedicure.

We went to Zea Rotisserie twice - it was that good. It was in the warehouse district, and we wandered around a lot, looking at the houses.  I wanted to go to Cafe du Monde and Josh didn't - he'd heard it was just okay. But there was a day where he wanted to go on some haunted house tour thing and I didn't, so we split up and I went alone. Josh had good information; it was just okay. I was embarrassed to admit it. We also ate at Lilette and all I can say is, there is a lot of experimenting to be done at home in the kitchen now.  Josh heard something about bread pudding being really good, so we tried to find the best place. Brennan's and Court of Two Sisters won.

Although food was a big focus, we didn't wander around just stuffing our faces.  We pretended we like real music and went to Preservation Hall. Music you think you won't like always sounds better when you hear it live. We hung out in Jackson Square at night, looking at all the photos. I dragged Josh back during the day too. There was a dinner cruise thing, on a steamboat which was really fun. There was a streetcar along St. Charles that we rode on. We went into almost all the shops on Magazine Street - that's where I got my sisters presents.

It was so much fun. The more time we spent, the more things I found out about. Now I want to go back to do all the things we ran out of time for. The whole dynamic of Josh discovering things at the same time as me was so cool. He wasn't leading me around telling me about everything; we were figuring out stuff together.


Alisha said...

Yay! Sounds like you had a great time. :-)

Lil'Sis said...

So happy for you, glad you had fun and discovering together is always better I agree!

Nina said...

Happy you had a good time!