Sunday, September 9, 2012

How NOT to be welcomed back

Alex and I are alike when it comes to friends - we are friends with any random person we decide we like. Danielle though, she was always firmly ensconced with her geek squad. We'll see what happens in college.

The good thing about the way Alex does friendships is that she can make friends anywhere. The bad thing about it is that when she asks to have a sleepover you never know what type of person you'll be getting in your kitchen.

Almost all of Al's friends are from her performing arts school, so it's really common for them to be weird and highly dramatic. Usually it's funny. This weekend it wasn't. Josh got a cold and gave it to me earlier this week, so we spent the weekend passing the tissue box back and forth while bringing each other chicken soup, reading Maxim magazines and trying to recover.

Yesterday Alex asked if since we were almost better, she could have a friend sleep over. Yes. Huge mistake. They went to a party and came home a little after 12:30 in the morning. I heard Alex unlock the door, but just in case I hadn't, her friend basically screamed, "WE'RE HERE!" Oh. Thanks. I could hear her flitting around, being super loud, and Alex stage-whispering at the friend to be quiet.

This morning Josh got up when the girls did, and he offered to make them pancakes. I was sitting on the counter eating red grapes and keeping Josh company (okay and making sure the pancakes came out right) when the girl yelled from the dining room table about her food. Really? Josh had already put out peaches and blueberries for them to snack on while they waited.

I was trying to not be naggy by telling Josh he was doing everything wrong, so I hadn't told him the frying pan he'd chosen was too small and he should have used the bigger one. It's because he was using the smaller one that he was only cooking three banana pancakes at a time. I turned on the oven so the cooked pancakes could stay warm but Josh turned it off. "I'll just give them three at a time, and we can eat last." Oh. Okay. 

He stood there cooking three at a time for like a half hour. For the entire half hour that stupid girl was yelling to us from her seat. Alex was the one running over to us with her friend's plate, then running back with a fresh stack of pancakes. Normally when we make pancakes we also warm the syrup but this girl irritated me so much that I didn't want to do anything nice for her. I just wanted her to leave. Finally she did, claiming she knew we'd miss her.

After she did, I told Alex she's not welcome back. I wish we hadn't wasted such good food this morning on such an ungrateful bitch.

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