Monday, September 10, 2012

When you say Chicago is a city

yet it's in the middle of the country ... I'm having a tree falling in the forest analogy here, sorry. Josh's cousin is getting married in Chicago. We've been invited.

The wedding is in a museum at night. They're going to like open a few different wings of the museum for the wedding I think. Since the wedding is at night I am taking that to mean it's okay to wear a black dress. We are going to leave on a Thursday and come home on the next Sunday, according to Josh. So now I am a person who goes on mini-vacations.

Even though I've been back at work for five seconds, now I have to go in tomorrow to arrange for two days off. The excitement of going to another city is overwhelming the panic of having to ask for time off, but just barely.

I feel like there's a tipping point, but don't know where it is.  Like one day I'll be okay sleeping on 600 thread-count sheets that are never more than a year old, but then one day I'll wake up on those sheets and wonder when I became okay with having a doorman call up to announce the Town Car is downstairs to drive us to the airport for our first class flight to Europe and the driver wants to know if we'd like help with our bags. It just seems like a slippery slope. Maybe I would feel better if Josh had some regular friends who thought it was a great day to just go out to the beach for the day, bringing a picnic. He just does everything big. Where I'm like, "yeah, that'll do fine" Josh is always like "I know a way to make it even better!" It's like he can't be happy with things unless they're all perfect, and he's gotten everything that's the best that's offered. Meanwhile I'm like holy shit we're going to Chicago who cares if we have to take a bus and stay at a motel?

This is what is going to kill our relationship.


Anonymous said...

We're going to Chicago on Thursday for our own mini-vacation. It's a great city with beautiful architecture. I wish the Town Car were coming to take us to the airport; instead we'll have to wake up at 3AM and drive our beater car across town through the morning traffic so we can make the cheap flight that leaves at 6AM. Then we'll stay in a questionable Motel 6 out in the suburbs cos that's what's in our (non-existant) budget. Although I have no doubt we'll have a good time, it would definitely be better Josh's way. And if we stayed home like our budget always says we should, we'd never have seen any of that great big world out there.

Sam, 25 years from now, you're going to look back and wonder why you were stressing out so much about this money thing. You're going to be tired from working your ass off for the last three decades. A deluxe vacation will be looking pretty good. Relax and enjoy the fact that you have a great guy who happens to be lucky enough to be able to afford the finer things in life and wants to share them with you. Don't let that be the breaking point. He's learning how to cook and shop from you; he'll also learn how to take some simple days off too, once you both have more free time when you're finished with school.

Anonymous said...

If one has the money to use to enjoy the finer things, there is no reason why they shouldn't.

Sit back and enjoy the ride in the Town Car and tip the doorman nicely. In 25 years you won't be the person telling others to borrow money from their parents to fund their dreams. Take solace in that.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you on 9/11. Hope your day went ok, I can imagine how much of a trigger it must be for you :(