Thursday, October 4, 2012

No pets

My sisters have gotten together and decided they can't wait for us to get a puppy, so we should get a kitten to tide us over. This is the dumbest thing ever. We don't even LIKE cats. We are all dog people. We put up with cats.

If we got a cat, it would just make me even more aware that we don't have a dog. More angry. I worry that I would kick the cat, for being angry at it for not being a dog. Becca was trying to talk me into getting a dog. She kept claiming it barely takes any work and barely costs any money. But we've gone shopping together. My idea of "barely any money" is under $5. Becca's idea of it is under $100.

Josh suggested that when I get pregnant that will be the perfect time to get a dog. I didn't understand why. Because that obviously is when I'd stop working. It isssss? According to Josh, yes. Apparently you stop working to get ready for the baby. For over half a year?! What on earth could you have to do that can't be done over the course of one weekend?

The whole thing was really annoying. Everyone thinks I should do all these things, but they all put ME at risk, not THEM. If I get a dog, that's a living thing depending on me. On my money for vets and food and whatever else dogs need. If I stop working Josh is supposed to be like, supporting me? How could anybody count on that without having like 50 years of savings in the bank? I mean what if the guy leaves?

We're not getting a dog. Or a stupid cat.


Anonymous said...

Good plan, stick to your guns! Maybe you could volunteer at an animal shelter walking and playing with the dogs to get the fun of interacting with dogs without any of the responsibility or cost. (Becca is wrong, food for our dog is about $75/month, yearly vet visit is $400, boarding him if we go out of town is $40/day. Emergency vet visits have cost us $2000 unexpectedly. Pets can be expensive and are a big obligation.

Anonymous said...

Anon when should she volunteer? When she's at school? One of her two jobs? Running her household? At least if she had a pet it wouldn't be yet one MORE place she had to go.

Sara said...

I hate to keep being a party pooper, but you're absolutely right to say no to a dog right now. It's a big financial and time commitment and you don't really have a lot of wiggle room in either category right now, it seems.

Also, I have no idea why you would need eight months to prepare for a baby. I definitely needed more than a weekend, but we managed it while I was working full-time until the day before both my kids were born. Rich people are crazy.

Monica said...

It's a lot more of a time commitment to own a dog than to occasionally visit a shelter.

Friends of ours have started volunteering at a shelter where they take the dogs for walks thus combining exercise with playing with the dogs. That might be less available in the city but I'm sure the others could do some pet and snuggle time to keep their dog longing in check. Beware though, don't fall in love with one and bring it home.

Anonymous said...

how old are you?

Anonymous said...

What Monica describes sounds like it could be nice for you, kind of like the time you sometimes spend with Blossom.

If you do volunteer, try to get Jazmyn to come with you.