Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Emergency dinner

Becca called me this morning saying she needed to see me and then invited herself over for dinner. I am always happy for an excuse to think about food and cook! Becca's got some Italian in her so that was my excuse to make an Italian dinner.  I emailed a list to Alex, telling her to buy stuff. After school and tutoring I rushed home and took frozen gravy out to defrost.

We have so many tomatoes that doing bruschetta was an easy choice for an appetizer. With the rest of the bread I did regular garlic bread. As soon as Josh came home I put him to work forming the meatballs while I cut off herbs (we have three tiny plants on the kitchen window sill that get used all the time).

One of these days I want to make cannoli again but that may be a weekend project. Not really a rush home and throw it together project. You know, every time somebody comes over for dinner they always seem so weirded out that we cook. One time I went to somebody's house and they took boxed, frozen fish sticks out of the freezer. Is everybody eating crap for all of college?

Becca thinks I'm crazy for making my own salad dressing, but I think people are crazy to eat so much crappy food. She had a fit when she found out I make my own croutons too. We had baked ziti and meatballs and salad. Not in that order. Becca told me Jackie called her, and they talked. Jackie claimed she thought Becca would want to know. We had a big discussion about how much we can trust Jackie. The ultimate decision sadly, is not much at all.

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