Monday, October 1, 2012

Sympathy and suspicion

I am so disappointed. Jackie and Becca got in a huge fight. HUGE. They broke up, and Becca kind of just struck out on her own, but Jackie went and got a different best friend. I could have been friends with them separately except that Jackie's new best friend is shady. She is a total shit-stirrer but is the worst kind, because she pretends she's totally innocent.

This sucks because now I can't trust Jackie at all. So I've pulled away from her and she has no clue why. I don't really want to tell her why because it'll get back to the other girl and then I'll have to deal with her shit. But somebody told me today that Jackie had to put her cat that she's had since like middle school to sleep and so now ...

Alex and I were making dinner together and she was pointing at me with the knife. "You know what your problem is? You're getting soft. You need to toughen up." And she was jabbing the air with the knife to help make her point. I really thought Josh was going to come home to find me with stab wounds, bleeding all over the kitchen floor.

Jackie's a little insecure. She will totally let the other person drive a friendship. I just don't want to be on this other girl's radar at all. She's the type to ask a ton of questions pretending to have concern but really she's nosy and will tell everyone. And not only that, but she won't tell everyone the truth  she'll just say whatever she wants.

Josh listened to as much of this as he could stand before running out of patience listening to girl problems. "Just go old school and send her a sympathy card in the mail!" Okay, do people even DO that anymore?


Kizz said...

Yes. People do that. With sympathy cards it's probably more prevalent than with anything else. A sympathy email or text is only worth the paper it's printed on...if you know what I mean.

Karen said...

what about just a phone call to Jackie so you can tell her you're sorry? Keep it short and simple.