Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Prepping for a short Vegas

Josh decided a while ago that he wanted to take me to Vegas when I turned 21. I suggested Atlantic City instead. So much closer, and also, so much closer. One of the things I didn't like about going to Florida was getting on a plane and flying so far away from my sisters. Vegas is even farther away.

Right after the Jewish holidays, Josh announced that I needed to get some slutty dresses for Vegas. Dani was like, "Are you ... going to pimp out Sammers?" I walked away, leaving Josh to struggle to explain to my sisters how girls have to dress in Las Vegas and why. Mostly because I don't really understand it either.

Josh gave me his credit card and I took Becca with me to go shopping. She tried to talk me into buying a pair of leather shorts. Um no. She was all excited and wanted me to buy everything. It didn't happen - I got two dresses, a swimsuit and a pair of platform shoes. Becca did not have fun shopping because I did not spend enough money. But if I spent what she wanted, then Josh probably would never give me his credit card. It all came out to just under $200. I hid the swimsuit so Josh wouldn't see it until we got our vacation going. It's kind of preppy.

Josh claims the "way one does Vegas" is to just go for a long weekend. That the same way you only eat a small piece of chocolate, you only go to Vegas for a short time because otherwise it's too much. The original plan was to leave Thursday night and come home Monday. Yeah. Who knew how wholesome Vegas could be?


Anonymous said...

Vegas is fun, lots to do even if you don't want to spend your money gambling. Josh is right--short term stays are the best. Atlantic City is nothing like Vegas--I was totally disappointed in it and thought it to be a total waste of money. Have fun--when I went I just wore my regular clothes--you will see all kinds there. Have fun!

Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

I wore regular clothes in Vegas.

Obv you made it through the storm and even have power if you're posting--was your neighborhood damaged? Will the subway outage affect you?

Glad you are safe!

OTRgirl said...

Do a nice dinner at the Aria. Check out one of the theater shows. There are fun things to do in Vegas besides gambling. It's fun to have some new clothes for a trip, but it's also totally fine to wear normal clothes in Vegas. However, I have noticed that places that get a lot of sunshine tend to have residents who wear less black than East Coasters or North westerners.

Nina said...

Las Vegas is drivable from LA so I've been there a handful of times, but I'm not a fan. That said, the shows are fun, the food is pretty good, and the hotels are nice. But yes, even for those who love Vegas, a weekend is long enough.

I do think it's funny/endearing that Josh is somebody who says, "the way one does (fill in the blank)." :)