Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pushing down

Josh started talking about Hanukah and Christmas today while we were getting ready to leave. Immediately I looked at our comforter. It even has the word "comfort" in it. Even if I've accepted it, I will never understand the need for a new one each year. What I will do is keep my mouth shut to them, and only vent it here (sorry).

In trying to make a list of things to get Josh, it's a good thing we have two months. So far all I've got is "Stuff from Jack Spade." Even their sale stuff is crazy expensive. Oh and also I agreed to go on a trip with Josh and that's coming up soon. Even though I know it'll be fun, these always make me nervous. It feels like I turn shrill and harpy, and I'm not even positive what harpy means. When we're here I'll go anywhere by myself. When we travel though, I never want Josh to leave me alone because of the worry I won't know how to do vacationing right.

I am considering having a panic attack. Every single member of this household is stressing me out. Sometimes I am jealous of the people who go crazy. It would be nice to let go that much.

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Anonymous said...

No offense to Josh's family, but some of their ideas are bizarre. I don't know a single person who buys a new comforter every year, or who buys all new toiletries on vacation. They all sound like lovely people, but just because they do things differently doesn't mean their way is automatically right.