Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Slipping through fingers

I got to bed before midnight. So proud. Two minutes after Josh got to bed there was a knock on the door. "This is their version of birth control," he whispered. Danielle sat down in front of me. "What the HELL am I spending so much money on? You need to give me more money. College is expensive!"

Well yes and no. It's more that college is a thousand times more social than high school. If you're in college, you're 21, no matter how old you are. There's going out for drinks, going out to lunch, going to coffee with new friends. Danielle talked to so many people in her first week of college that she lost her voice along with all her money.  I'm not giving her more money. I'll give her two tutor kids so she can earn her own, but I'm not giving mine.

Danielle thinks I'm mean. I hoard all the money. I'm also the one who earns all the money. After she walked out in a huff Josh said he thought I was wrong. If I acknowledge that it's more expensive, why wouldn't I give her a little more? But I think he's wrong. Danielle doesn't pay rent. Groceries. Random stuff like socks and medical tape and eyeliner. 

I get that Dani's homework is much harder than mine, so that's why it's fine that she doesn't get a job. But giving her half the money I get from working over the summer, working for Arnie and tutoring? Not going to happen.


Suzanne said...

She was out of line. She needs to budget better, bring hot drinks from home, say no to expensive social events, etc.
As an adult, when you run out of money, you are out of money. No one gives you extra just because.

Nina said...

I concur. You are also a college student with 10 times the responsibilities she has. You work way harder than you should to support yourself, Dani, and Alex. You've taken on massive adult responsibilities even before you were really an adult. You aren't even that much older that she is. - she's totally out of line to even ask, much less get upset with you for refusing. If she "needs" more money, then she needs to get a job. (um, end rant?)

Josh needs to get in line too. I hope he doesn't end up giving her money on the DL. (ok, really ending rant.)

Mizasiwa said...

A social life is not actually a prerequisite of college (varsity) life. U don't have to go out more or spend more than you have budgeted to spend. It sux but that's life even if her course is more difficult she's basicly been given a job (from you) to make extra money if she want more shell have to work for it. She is a grown up and that's something she has to come to terms with you are already not making her pay for rent already that's a HUGE saving from your side ... Good luck