Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Helping too much

Madison and Paul have been here since the weekend. Their house had no electricity or heat and they are having a lot of fun here. They are twins and good guests. I'm not just saying that because they clean the kitchen and empty the garbage. Today Madison was too good a guest - she cleaned out the refrigerator so much that she threw out food that hadn't gone bad. Just because bananas have brown on the skin it doesn't mean you can't use them.

In my old age I am getting soft (good thing I'm a girl, right?) because it didn't make me angry. Now I am totally the type of person to pluck a banana right out of the garbage and use it - hey, that's what the skin is for. I wouldn't do this with all foods, but one where you don't eat the outside? Sure. Josh has caught me doing this, and at first freaked out, but now has a military stance on it - he wants to pretend he doesn't know. I managed to resist the urge when Madison threw out the bananas today, and Josh gave me a look like "Thank you for not embarrassing me."

Danielle and I went to donate blood today. I was going to go yesterday and then realized with my anemia I wasn't sure if it was okay, so I called the doctor and was waiting for him to get back to me. Dani wanted to watch me do the blood donation first, and then decide if she was going to do it. It really hurt. Maybe you're not supposed to say that. Maybe you're supposed to be so blissed out at doing this good deed that there's no pain, but fuck that. It hurt, and not just when the needle went in either. When they finished somebody brought me orange juice and a cookie, insisting I finish the juice before getting up out of the chair. Dani chickened out. I don't blame her, now that I know how painful it is. Kind of wish I'd chickened out too.

Maybe it would have happened anyway, but I was in a really sad mood afterwards and when we heard about the Army truck that ran red lights and then ran over a man in Chinatown on Canal Street, I cried. Word is it was a really horrible, drawn out death. I think the Army was trying to help too much today too.


Nina said...

oh Sam. :( that's horrible and so very tragic.

Kizz said...

Thanks for doing what you can. Eat more cookies. You deserve them.

Abby said...

It hurts much more when you're skinny, is my experience. It used to be really painful (back when I was a size 4) and now that I'm, uh, not, it's no big deal.

Good for you for doing it even though it hurt.