Sunday, November 4, 2012

Now a snowstorm?

We got back this afternoon with tans and full bellies (there is a LOT of food in Vegas). Our apartment is totally fine. Stale air and stale food is all.  That was taken care of with some open windows and a quick cleaning out of the fridge. Right now schools are scheduled to be open tomorrow, but some colleges are switching which campus to go to. We are going to leave like a half hour earlier than usual because there are still closures.

I feel really bad for everyone involved in this clusterfuck. The homeless people really do need a safe place to have shelter. The kids really do need their school back. It's hard to understand why the homeless people used the entire school as their own toilet, until you realize they've left empty booze bottles all around and are alcoholics and probably unable to think clearly. If I was worried about getting raped in a bathroom I could see considering peeing in a water fountain as a decent alternative.

Supposedly a snowstorm is coming early this week. The Apocalypse really is coming. Josh just told me his friends in Jersey don't have power and are tired of staying with relatives so they're coming here. I can not figure out if Aunt Elaine is worried about us, or angry at us for not worrying and checking on her. I kind of want to see if somebody can check on her, but am scared to find out she's dead too.

On the flight home, Dani asked if we could go donate blood. We can, but ... does the Red Cross really need blood to help with Sandy? Don't they need stuff more like food and blankets because it's cold and so many people are missing electricity? See, this would be the time to donate our comforter. Josh told me his parents will donate to a few of the places closely helping.  I asked how they can make the decision of where to cap a donation. Josh shrugged. He went off to ask his father and came back saying they have some kind of annual budget for donations and they spread it out as it's needed throughout the year. I feel like shit that we have been donating to ourselves all the time. This stuff is making me cry, and it didn't even happen to me.


Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

The Red Cross always needs blood, its never a bad time to donate.

I tend to donate the majority of our charity budget at the end of the year (I donate mostly to food banks and children's charities, so Thanksgiving and Christmas tend to have large fundraising drives). You still have time to donate to your charity of choice this year :-)

Kizz said...

Yes, what Lisa said about donating blood. I can't donate blood so I would consider it a personal favor if you guys would do it.

I've been doing my best to keep up on what sorts of donations are needed where. It's starting to come out that, in most places, they have enough things but not enough money and not enough manpower to do the demolition, cleaning, and reconstruction. There's going to be an open thread post on for people who have information about what is needed where.

You guys have lived through this kind of paradigm shift in NYC before and it hit you incredibly hard. Remember to cut yourselves some slack about how this disaster can make you feel. Take care of yourselves.