Thursday, March 14, 2013

Frustrated and impatient

That is how I am feeling about having to wait until April to haul Al to see a shrink about The Alex Issue. This is what Josh and I are calling it, and her, because that's what it has become.

I seriously may murder her before her shrink appointment. Alex, here are the reasons you may die (I will probably body slam you off a roof by the way, so reject any invitations to go onto any roofs):
  1. You slam every door you touch. If you forget, we have noticed you go back and slam the door.
  2. You don't just roll your eyes at everything I say to you, but at every single thing I say in your presence. 
  3. You refuse to do anything that would benefit all of us.
  4. You barely do anything that benefits only yourself, like your own laundry.
  5. You glare at all of us any time we're anywhere near you. 
But the number one reason I may kill you? Because you're too much of a fucking pussy to own any of these things you do. You glare at Josh when his back is turned and then let your eyes glaze over as soon as he faces you, totally forgetting that I'm watching you. Danielle passes me a plate at the table? You roll your eyes and sigh dramatically. If I'm standing there watching you, you don't have the balls to slam a door or cabinet. Alex, if you want to be a bitch, then put on your big-girl panties and fucking be a bitch. But right now all you're doing is being a passive-aggressive pussy.


Anonymous said...

I'm confused -- just exactly WHAT is it that Alex wants you to DO about all of the "injustices" that she believes you've committed? Move back to the projects? If she's unhappy with the way things are, SHE needs to be making plans to correct her own situation, not blaming everyone else.

I'm sorry that all of the hard work you've put in towards obtaining your degree and getting your family through this far is being overshadowed by Alex acting like a spoiled brat.

Track down Aunt Elaine and send her back.

Vinny said...

Keep this in mind- my 15 year old, who doesn't have ANY of the gripes Alex might have, does all the same things. It is a combination of Alex and teenagerness. Little solace for you, but misery does love company.

Karen said...

Teens are so much fun! not. Sam, while you and Josh are not exactly Alex's parents, you get the benefit of being the adults in charge while she's figuring out how to grow up and separate. You might start reading some books about parenting teens, at least for the entertainment value. Learning how to keep your cool is probably the most valuable tool you can develop here.

Anonymous said...

My teen acts the same exact way, every single day. To a teenager, nothing in life is fair. Plus, she was much younger than you when your world was torn apart. No, it's not fair that you have had to grow up and take care of everyone but that is what we do for people we love. I don't think it's you that she is angry at, I think that it is the cards that you guys were dealt. Have you stopped to tell her that you love her and that you only tried to make the decisions that you thought were best for the 3 of you...all based on the love you have for them? I admire you so much for all you have done since your mother passed away, do not let things like this break up the family that you still have her on earth.

jwg said...

Just a warning.. If therapy is working well things are apt to get worse before they get better. It is not unreasonable to set limits, with very clear expectations and consequences. On the other hand, as other comments have pointed out, some of this is normal teenage angst.