Tuesday, March 12, 2013


People should go to Seattle! I mean, not if they want to lay around on a beach, but if they want to do fun city stuff, it's like a ghost city - all the stuff without all the crowds. We had so much fun.

We went to Canlis for dinner one night, and I was so glad Laurie warned me to bring more fancy clothes than I thought were needed. She was right. They have a strict dress code, and won't even seat guys at the window if they're not least in a jacket. We also went to Lowell's one morning for breakfast, and (this is kind of shitty of me) when I saw the prices told Josh I was paying. The other place we ate was Wild Ginger - I like that all the restaurants had fun views of the city or the water. Josh and I agreed we should pay more attention to the views when we go out to eat at home.

During the bat mitzvah reception at some point I was standing next to the mother of the ... bat mitzvah girl. I managed to not ask how much it cost to buy the museum for the night, but did find out it wasn't their first choice. WTF! "Oh fine, I suppose we can settle for the museum if the White House really can't accommodate us!" Somebody interrupted before I could ask what the first choice was.

I wanted to go to the fish market but we had bat mitzvah stuff to do. Josh suggested we do another trip back to Seattle, and then go up into Canada and wander around Vancouver.

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Lyndsay said...

Vancouver is lovely - but go in the summer!