Thursday, March 7, 2013


Tomorrow night we are supposed to be getting on a plane and going across the country for a bat mitzvah that one of Josh's cousins is having. My job was to get the card. I always feel weird going to Jewish things - that people will take one look at me or my clothes and be able to tell I'm not a member of their tribe. What this means for Josh is that after I lay out each thing I'm planning to wear, he's forced to come look at it to tell me if anything is wildly inappropriate. It's very simple: jewish people dress conservatively in his family. So my Catholic school skirts and spaghetti-strapped anything are a no go.

The reception is in a museum. Danielle has been begging me to find out how much it costs to shut down a museum for a private event. That's all she wants to know. We were trying to guess on the way home. My guess is around $30,000. Danielle thinks it's way higher, closer to six figures.

Laurie called me yesterday to say she's making a spa appointment for while we're there and wanted to know if she could make one for me too. It is outrageously sweet of her, yet at the same time it's awkward to be naked in front of your boyfriend's mother. So this whole weekend should be interesting. Plus I'm very relieved to be able to bring my knives and golf clubs on the airplane.


Suzanne said...

Here in Detroit you can get a museum or theatre for your very own for between $300 and $15000 a night.

OTRgirl said...

If it's an evening event, then they don't really have to shut down the museum, rather they are opening it after hours so the costs are more around extra staff, catering and decor. They usually have particular galleries or areas for special events. It's probably less than $10,000, but certainly not pocket change! My company has done parties inside ball parks, on aircraft carriers, etc. Usually the venue is happy to have the extra cash during a time when they aren't generating income (after hours/off-season).