Monday, March 4, 2013


The dinner was ... okay. There were really high points and really low points. The high points were the food, the company, and Josh's help. You know how sometimes somebody offers or even tries to help but all they do is get in the way or make more work for you? It's only taken three and a half years, but it seems like Josh and I are finally in a pretty good groove in the kitchen. I know which little chopping jobs to set out for him, he knows to wash, dry and put away all the prep bowls once food is cooking to free up counter space. I don't yell at Josh for getting in the way causing him to walk off, leaving me resentful for doing all the work myself. I'm a little bit proud of us.

The other high point is that Danielle finally picked a side. It's not a high point that she picked mine. It's a high point that she gets it. I sort of accidentally overheard a talk Josh had with Dani. Yes, I could have yelled to them that I was in the bath and could hear them but whatever, I suck. For a few weeks I've been telling Alex if she's so unhappy and thinks I'm such a terrible person she should go move out. Every time Dani took her side, I invited her to leave too.

When she told me she knew Alex was wrong, I asked if Dani was just saying that because I kept pushing her to choose and she was choosing the easier, cushier life. She swore she wasn't, and I let it go. Turns out Josh was wondering the same thing and I overheard him talking to her. I never heard him talk like that. Always, it's in the back of my mind about being a gold-digger but Josh and I never talk about it. He made sure Dani isn't gold-digging too. Is it weird that I'm proud of him? He must have felt super awkward - Josh never EVER talks about money.

The low points involved Alex. She was beyond rude to all of us. She was mean to Josh's parents. It was really embarrassing. Laurie got so angry that she finally excused Alex from the table. "You're excused. It's not an optional invitation." Josh apologized, then kicked me, so I apologized too. His dad tried to talk to Alex in her room, and walked out like 10 minutes later telling Laurie it was her turn.


Suzanne said...

Oh my gosh, that is so unacceptable for Alex to treat Josh's family that way. I am glad Laurie let her know it wasn't okay.
I hope this gets resolved soon, it can't be pleasant to live with.

Nina said...

First, that whole paragraph about Josh and you in the kitchen put a smile on my face. You should be proud of you two. :)

Secondly, good for Dani. I'm sure it's hard to be the one in the middle. And she probably doesn't want to alienate either one of you, but Dani needs to get it. And good for Josh for talking to her too.

Thirdly, I cannot believe she was rude to Josh's parents. It's one thing to be rude to your own family (you know, bad, but family's family) but to be rude to them seems...just exponentially bad. Especially because they aren't family and they've been nothing but kind and giving to her (as far as you write her of course). Glad that Laurie didn't take her crap.

As an aside, jeez, raising teenagers must be hard. I'm not looking forward to that.

I hope things get better soon Sam.