Tuesday, February 26, 2013


On Thursday Josh's parents are coming over for dinner. Everything I can think of to make sounds boring. Josh wants me to make beef wellingtons. That is a scary thing to make for guests, because it's hard to make and there's very little room for messing up. So far all I've figured out is hamantashen. For that I cheated, and made it over the weekend. A bag-full is in the freezer and I'll defrost it in time for the dinner.

Josh warned me his parents are going to want to talk to us about graduation presents. Obviously now I am very nervous. It's going to be some ridiculous thing like an Arabian horse or something. I wish he hadn't told me. I spent like three hours tonight deep-cleaning, so on Thursday there won't be a lot to do besides the cooking.

Every single time Laurie has been here, she's never been in jeans or anything casual. I don't even think she owns a sweatshirt. Definitely going to wear a skirt. I already told Danielle she has to also. If I tell Alex to, then she won't. So my plan is to just take away all her jeans and leggings so she has no other alternatives.

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Lil'Sis said...

so how was dinner?