Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Crossing over

I've become one of those people. As of tonight, I have my own iPad. Josh knows me well - he knew I'd never let him give me one of those new, top of the line ones. So he got a new one, and offered up a hand-me-down iPad that used to be his. 

As of right now, I've spent three hours playing on it. Danielle asked if she could play on the iPad, and I wouldn't let her. Maybe tomorrow. Or next week. In May. I love it, and want to take it behind the gym bleachers and have its babies.

Josh takes his everywhere, all the time. School, gym, vacation, friends' houses, everywhere. If he takes his messenger bag there, his iPad goes too. I of course, am way too paranoid to think of taking it anywhere, and in fact looked for good places to hide it in my bedroom. Dani pointed out that it's because Josh wouldn't hesitate to buy himself a new one in an instant if he lost it. Whereas I may have yelled at Dani not to breathe on it too harshly.

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Chris said...

Congrats! I like playing on people's iPads and iPhones but ever since someone broke my pretty Kindle2 (back when it was sturdy and expensive, not the cheap plastic they sell now) and I cried for weeks over the loss, I've stopped buying any of this stuff. They're fun but they make you scream at and generally be unpleasant to people who are handling them all wrong.