Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Josh spent the weekend at his parents' house, because he needed a break from all the tension and anger. I went over early today for their BBQ and got to have a serious talk with Laurie and him about Alex.

We came up with a list of rules for Alex (that will come from Josh's parents rather than me) while she lives with them.

1. She will have to keep her room up, and make her bed daily.
2. Alex will have to change her own sheets, and clean her bathroom.
3. Breakfast and dinner will be made for her, but Al will have to clear the table after her meals and make her own lunch to take to school. Oh, plus make her meals on weekends.

I'm still sure Alex will have a much more cushy life over there, and don't really trust Josh's parents to stick to our rules. The only other option is for me to stay home for the month of June. It seems like it would be okay to ask one of Alex's friends to keep her for a whole weekend, but a whole month? Especially when her behavior can't be trusted? Can't do it.

Josh swears his parents can be strict. I don't want Alex to have a miserable month, but just don't want her to feel like she's being rewarded.


Nina said...

that sounds more than reasonable, and as long as it seems josh's parents aren't pleased with her attitude and behavior lately, perhaps that will make them even more likely to stick to those rules (since they see why they're needed).

Kizz said...

Sometimes a change of scenery can make a big difference no matter what.