Monday, May 20, 2013

Races, parties, and euphamisms

So here's something totally crazy: I graduate soon. Like with a college degree. Did you ever run in a race and feel like you were running as absolutely fast as you could, but notice everyone else is just zooming right past you and they all seem to be having a ton more fun running than you are? That's what college has seemed like.

Except that now the finish line is clearly less than a block away and it turns out not everybody got there. Oh, and not everybody has plans after the race. Now everyone is on autopilot getting to the finish line and it's super awkward talking about the parties after the race because you don't know who's invited. Sometimes, when people find out you got into a party, they want to know if you can get them in too. When you say you can't, they push you to ask, and with some people it makes you worry the friendship just died. 

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