Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Two ships, passing in the Americas

Josh has been pushing me to agree to going away for the summer. That is three months. Twelve weeks. Like out of the country away. He wants a break from my sisters. Even if we hadn't been having problems, just constantly having them around is a lot in his eyes. Plus he has said from the beginning that the time after graduating from college is when you should go on a big trip because you'll never be able to take this long of a vacation again in life.

Ever since Danielle came back from her Europe trip, she's wanted to go away again. Five seconds after starting college, Dani began plotting to do a semester abroad. It costs extra, by thousands of dollars, to do the abroad thing. Plus there's the whole being away for four months thing too.

She doesn't even just want to do a semester abroad. She wants to take that semester behind the bleachers and get it pregnant. Dani wants to spend a month before and a month after too. So that would be six months. I am not really sure we can be apart for six months. Obviously Danielle does not have the same worries.

Everything feels very shaky and unstable.


Anonymous said...

Go for it Sam! Josh is right in that there will never again be the opportunity for such a long trip again because adult life is work, work and more work. It's obviously important to him too. Maybe that's the answer: instead of sending Alex off somewhere, you can go instead.

Don't let fear (of change) stand in your way. Laurie can keep an eye on Dani and Alex and the apartment. It also might be just what Alex needs.

You deserve the time away as well as a reward for working your ass off all these years and achieving the goal of college graduation despite it all.


Anonymous said...

Josh is right. This is the time to take that long trip ... unless you want to postpone it for when you are retired.

Nina said...

I agree - you should go for it. I know it's scary and unsettling, but it's a wonderful, amazing opportunity (both yours and Dani's). I only wish I could have done something like that after college.

You deserve it and it'll be good for all of you.

Suzanne said...

GO FOR IT! Go! Backpack around Europe, see the world. You will never, ever, ever be able to do it again says the 38 year old woman with two children.
Your sisters will be fine, they were raised well. Let them see what it is like without you.
GO! Have fun! See the world!

Anonymous said...

do it. and encourage dani to do it, too. we only live once. - shay

Abby said...

Do it!! And let us know if you come to Israel--at least two of your readers would like to meet you.

Abby said...

Also, depending on where you go to school, it doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars extra. I did it (ok, a LONG time ago--94-95) on the cheap by taking a leave of absence from college, going to Hungary and enrolling directly in a Hungarian university as a foreign student, and then coming back to my US college and transferring the credits over. Not everywhere will let you get away with this, and you have to be independent enough to arrange the travel/housing/applications yourself, but I did it. This was back before the internet so it was a big production, with a lot of international mail and so on. But it saved me about 80% what it would have cost if I'd gone through my fancy college, and I got to go away for a full year instead of just a semester. And I worked under the table too, so broke even at the end of the year.