Saturday, June 15, 2013


We have been in Barcelona all week. The first day here we ran into this old couple from Florida, of all places. It was their last day. They tried to give us advice, mostly of the "watch out for pickpockets" type. They kept mentioning it over and over, to the point that I started to wonder why they even came here since they clearly don't trust the people here.

Nobody's stolen anything from us, and it seems like all the people are very nice. This whole "total immersion" thing really works. My Spanish accent was always fine before, but I had to pay attention to make it come out that way. After two days it was effortless, and if I really listen to the people around us, I pick up about half a dozen words each day.

Josh and I have gotten into a really good groove. Every morning we go for a run, then lay out on the beach (it's not as hot as in NY, but hot enough), then go tourist-ing all afternoon. Then we go back to the hotel, change for dinner, and go out clubbing afterwards. Josh suggested we try to not get too drunk, but there have definitely been a few times where getting words out is hard, and people-watching is much easier.


OTRgirl said...

That sounds fun! It's great that you feel comfortable culturally and linguistically. Barcelona is on my life list, I'm jealous!

Anonymous said...

Just happy you are having fun!!! Enjoy this time in your life!!