Sunday, September 15, 2013

The national costume for work

I wear one thing in warm weather and one thing in cold weather. It's only for some sort of special occasion that I break out of either jeans or a jeans skirt and a black top. This has been my national costume since I was 12.

You can't wear jeans at an accounting firm. Like, ever. I don't even know if you can do that on the weekends.

Despite the fact that I always wore the same things, it never felt boring. But now that I have to wear a grownup work suit every day, that feels outrageously boring. I have one black, one navy, one dark gray, one light gray, and one dark purple. There's a camisole that is reversible and four different colors - black, navy blue, white and cream. Josh also got me three others, that are light pink, light purple and light blue.

I feel like I'm dressed for church in a mid-western area. Super conservative. Super not me. I feel like a fraud. When I come home the suit is tossed off almost right as the door is closing behind me, and jeans and a tank top are on before I can exhale.

A manager was telling me that a lot of the people leave to go in-house when they're offered a job by a client. All I want to know is, if the salary is the same and what you have to wear. Possibly in the reverse order.

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One crazed mommy said...

Honey I've been in the working world for quite a few years, and I STILL hate to dress up if I don't have to - I get home and on come the jeans and t-shirt (or sweatshirt if it's cold). My old job I had to dress up all the time - the job I have now is in a manufacturing plant (I'm in HR) - and while I can't wear jeans except for on Fridays, I can wear black pants - which is my standard for work. I feel your pain - dressing up sucks!!