Monday, September 23, 2013

Little girls overheard

Josh was in the kitchen getting us a midnight snack when Alex and her friend got home from a party.

He told me they were talking about boys at the party, and the other girl told Alex, "I'm not sure, but I think I had sex with Manny." Josh immediately tried, with no success, to magically teleport himself out of the kitchen so the girls wouldn't see him walk by them.

Apparently all our embarrassing sex talks with Alex worked, because she couldn't understand how someone wouldn't know whether or not they had sex and asked her friend. Josh grew a set at that point, and came out of the kitchen to suggest the girls continue their talk in Alex's bedroom. As he was walking down the hall, he overheard Al's friend ask, "Are you having sex with him?" Alex's "Ew, NO!" was met with, "Can I?"

There's always that one girl trying to nail anyone who walks, yet is also totally clueless. Why my sister has to be friends with her is beyond me.

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Chris said...

That one girl is all talk, usually.

Speaking of clueless people, my high-school class was pretty innocent though we weren't sheltered per se. Different times, I guess. One of the girls shouted at a classmate - come on, sing that again, I want to masturbate! - she thought it meant being turned on, as did most of us in fact. I think a teacher overheard us, because two weeks later we had the school nurse teach a sex-ed class, in which she explained. Nobody used that word ever again in the classroom.