Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It could always be worse

When you're told during training that if you work past a certain time you can spend a certain amount on dinner, you think "Oh, well that won't happen that much, it's probably just in case." When you're told that if you work past a certain time at night you can take a car service or cab to get home, you think, "That's so sweet of them, to want to be sure you get home safely."

No. This is not "just in case" stuff. Everyone at home was reaching out to me. "What's planned for dinner?" "I'm hungry; how long after you get home will dinner be ready?" At first I was saying a half hour, then a half hour more. Then I told Alex to make the salad. Danielle could marinate the fish.

Finally I went to the manager and asked how she saw the night unfolding. (That was my attempt at asking how long we'd have to stay without actually saying that.) When she told me it would be a few more hours I let my sisters know they should eat dinner without me.

I was sitting in front of a bunch of spreadsheets feeling sorry for myself when I heard this guy Neil. "Why am I logged out? Why can't I log in? To ANYTHING? Why aren't any of my log-ins working?" The manager looked up. "Because you're FIRED!"

She was kidding. It was a glitch. But holy shit can you imagine? I can not stop thanking the universe that was not me.

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Kizz said...

Yeah, those perks are what keeps you chained to your desk. Stand strong and keep using those sweet persuasive skills. "How do you see this night unfolding?" is the perfect way to phrase it.