Wednesday, October 16, 2013

No more secrets

There were two secrets I kept from Josh for a long time. One: this blog. Two: that I always screw up paying the cable bill.

I was really nervous coming clean about the blog, because in doing that a promise promptly had to be extracted that he would never tell my sisters. When I told Josh, he asked what I write about. I told him that night I'd written about food and the night before I'd written about school. You could see the thought bubble float across his head. BO-RING! He thinks it's good that I have an outlet.

Despite the fact that I'm too retarded to pay the cable bill consistently, I forced Josh to let me be the one pays the bills. About once every three or four months I forget to pay. I never notice, until we get a threatening notice to shut off service. Or when the tv doesn't work and I have to call and pay over the phone. When Josh notices, I have gone and "figured it out" and he thinks I'm like this super IT wizard.

Today I came home to find the internet down and the tv not working. Oh, and Josh frantically pressing buttons. Whoops. Alex was staring at me with wide eyes at the idea that Josh was going to find out. When he announced that he was going to call to yell at them I knew my secret had to come out.

"I think I forgot to pay the bill. I can just pay it and everything will work again." I hadn't known it was possible for Alex's eyes to get any bigger, but they did, as her jaw dropped. But he needed to know. Josh was going to yell at some poor telephone person.

He doesn't understand. Granted, there's no real explanation besides "this is just something I do." I feel bad. The accountant who can't pay her bills on time. But at least all the secrets are out now.


Mizasiwa said...

Just like chefs dont cook at home and (normally) and painters and every other profession in the history of time :-) dont be hard on yourslef maybe just work out a calender reminder - there are lots online that you can use! good luck with the sister situation im rooting for a happy medium but ja thats not likely...our situation has totally exploded!! insanity is better but hey i guess thats what being a grown up is all about (even when you have to be one way way too early!!)

Anonymous said...

If the type of content remains mostly undisclosed, is the blog really no longer a secret?

How is paying the cable bill different from paying the other bills?

(Not snarky, just asking, in both cases.)

Anonymous said...

(Sorry, what I meant was, in case my two questions came across as snarky, that I was not intending to be snarky in asking them, that I was really asking.)