Monday, October 14, 2013

Staying and staying silent

Neither of my sisters are moving out. Danielle wants to live with me without Josh, but living with other people is only something she wants happening when she's out of the country. Alex is underage and a follower. She's not going anywhere.

Josh and I go running almost every day. I like running with Josh. Sometimes we talk in the beginning, but then stop talking and just concentrate on running, and putting one foot in front of another. I don't know what he thinks about; my brain is going a hundred miles an hour at first but after the first few miles everything clears and no thinking happens. I just listen to the rhythm of my feet hitting the ground and my breathing working in time with my feet. It's almost like dancing.

Josh told me today that at the end of our run I often give him a big shit-eating grin, and then asked what that's about. I don't know. "I didn't say anything funny ... or anything at all," he pointed out. I know. In that moment, with him, I'm just happy. Silently.


Alisha said...

Sam, that's the best kind of happiness. Enjoy it.

Nina said...