Monday, November 25, 2013

Mondays are big

However the last week went, I am always excited for Mondays. Even if I don't like where I'm going or who I'll be working with at a client's office. The weekend scrubs it all clean, and I feel ready to not hate, to not envision punching people. On Mondays I wear my favorite outfit and blow my hair out extra straight.

Josh once said I am a silent competitor. Not much smack talk, but I notice and then quietly do better. Some people drag themselves in on Mondays, clearly still hungover. My energy and lack of dark circles annoys them. I made it a point to get really trashed at least once a year in college, because getting it all out of my system seemed important. Now I am one of those grownup drinkers - two glasses of wine with dinner, only happy hours once a week, and I feel better. I am a control freak and totally in control of my drinking.

It was so much fun while I was doing it, but I am glad Maureen (my manager) is not giving me that pity-smile she gives the guy who comes in with his weekend stories that all start with, "Okay, we're totally wasted at this bar, right?" I think she sticks to the two-drink maximum also.

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