Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wrong team, honey

Poor, poor Alikins. Last spring she had a huge crush from afar on this drummer at her school. This summer, Alex grew a set of boobs and decided to conquer her crush upon returning to school. She has had strategic planning meetings with friends and everything.

Today Alex came home looking terrible. She went straight to bed and stayed there, I heard. Josh tried to talk to her while I was cooking dinner but got nowhere. After dinner we went in together to check on her. Josh sat on the dresser and I sat across the foot of Al's bed.

She told us her sad saga, about how she spent all of September flirting, October hanging out and flirting, and then today she went in for the kill. The drummer let her down very gently. So gently in fact, that Alex didn't catch what he was saying about why his answer was no, only that his answer was no.

As I was sitting there, shaking with laughter, Josh laid it all out for Alex. "Dude's gay. Wrong team, honey. Sorry." Al's jaw dropped.

Guess who is already planning her stomachache to avoid school tomorrow?


One crazed mommy said...

Oh no!!! LOL!! Poor girl - let her stay home with a stomach ache. Yikes!

Kizz Robinson said...

Oh yeah, poor Al, that DOES merit a sick day.

Anonymous said...

It's good of you and Josh to be there for her.

If Alex didn't catch what he was saying, what was it she told you and Josh that made it clear to the two of you what the situation was?