Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Alcoholic in the making

If you add together all the hours of class and work, I actually work about five to ten hours fewer per week than I did in college, but somehow this is so much harder. Maybe it's because this is my career and if I get fired the stakes are so much bigger. When I get home all I want to do is collapse and not think. It's easy to understand how adults become alcoholics. Here is how I would drink if it wouldn't make me one: 

1. First glass of wine right when I come in the door and collapse on my bed. Possibly with a bendy straw.
2. Second glass of wine while drinking making dinner.
3. Third glass of wine with dinner. Possibly a second third glass.
4. Fourth glass of wine after dinner. 
That's one bottle right there.
5. Fifth drink that's not wine but still alcohol. 

Josh has been given the task of not letting me drink more than one glass of wine each night. I have water when I get home, then half a glass while making dinner, the other half a glass while eating, and then switch back to water. How on earth does everyone make it through? 


Anonymous said...

Good job being self-aware.

How has your recognition of how you would drink if you didn't feel a need to limit yourself come about?

How did your routine of drinking wine in any quantity upon arriving home daily develop?

How do you feel if you skip the wine one night?

Do you actually feel the wine relaxing you?

How do you know you'd want to drink all that wine plus a drink that's not wine but still alcohol?

Just curious.

Karen said...

How I get by - exercise. talking a lot about my day. playing stupid computer games when I get home while DH cooks.

Anonymous said...

Working, even if you love it, is hard. Making dinner and making a home is hard. Thinking about others all the time is exhausting. Balance is a dream. You're doing a great job and I so much admire what you are doing. Seems to me you've got it about right. "Having it all" is a stupid mantra that no one gets (and where would you store it? anyway.) Just keep plugging away and grab your moments when you can.