Monday, December 16, 2013


It's making me sad how little I'm cooking. Tonight I made a rack of lamb with gremolata, butternut squash risotto (not really sure those are supposed to go together, but whatever), and asparagus.

When I make fancy things, I like to make one super simple thing with it so nobody is intimidated. Or something. Not really sure why - it just feels like balance. Josh got me a pizzelle iron so I made a few batches of pizzelles this morning.

Today was like a full-food day. All I did was play with food, all day. In the morning I wrote out what we're having each night for dinner and made a shopping list. Then I dragged Alex with me to go food shopping. Then I put everything away in the order it'll be needed.

Some people do meatless Mondays. Tomorrow I'm doing Monday meatloaf. Apparently Josh's mom made meatloaf once and it was really dry, so he spent years thinking he hated meatloaf. On Tuesday I'm making some sort of fish that I'll buy that day. I want to get better at this. All I ever make is salmon or scallops for the most part. It's time to expand. In looking at recipes I found a good one for ... bourbon-encrusted salmon, and a scallop piccata. It's like a fish-disease or something.

Wednesday is going to be meatless Monday, with some sort of broccoli and rotini thing. I'll figure out the details when the water is boiling. Thursday will be chicken parm with grilled eggplant and Josh made reservations for Friday.

In an ideal world, I would work from 8am to 3pm, then go work out for an hour, then buy and cook dinner.

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Kizz Robinson said...

Sam, from what I know of you some day you're going to have that perfect world. Keep your eyes peeled for the opportunity!