Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Experience life

Old people love telling everyone what they need to do and how they should live their lives. Old people need to shut the fuck up. Here is how every conversation goes:

Old person: Sooooooo ... are you dating anyone special?
Me: yes.
Old person: That's lovely! How long have you been together?
Me: we've dated all through college (i know, longer than that, but trust me)
Old person: Oh honey! You need to get out into the world and experience life! Date lots of different boys. You need to see what else is out there!

Alternative Response:

Old person: All that time and he hasn't proposed yet? You need to dump him and get out there to experience life! Date someone who's ready to settle down.

Old people are idiots. I've experienced tons of life. And Josh has proven himself four billion times over. He hasn't proposed yet because we're not sure yet, and we're both okay with that. People don't know what they're talking about. I am tempted to just answer that I'm single, and focusing on my career so not interested in dating.


Anonymous said...

Just let some people's comments roll off your back. Why get so angry about them?

Suzanne said...

What they really are saying is, "I have regrets and want to save you from having regrets yourself because it sucks."

Alisha said...

You should realize that you're only giving them half the story and then faulting them for forming opinions based on what you've said. I'm definitely not saying you should share details of your life with anyone you don't want to, but they have no way of knowing that "We've dated all through college" means "We've lived together, supported each other and been each other's family all through college." That's not the assumption most people would usually make, nor would most people assume you've had the kind of very difficult and maturing challenges that you've had in your lifetime already. They're certainly offering unsolicited opinions, which can be annoying, but they're not necessarily as idiotic as you're concluding -- just uninformed.