Friday, December 27, 2013

I basically did nothing at work today

Basically nobody was there, so in total I did about two hours of work. A partner showed up at almost 4 p.m. I helped her solve a furniture location problem in her office. I did a ton of research on thread-counts of sheets (synopsis: more is better). Wrote out menus for meals. Made a grocery list based on those. At one point, when literally nobody else was there, I did about a half hour of yoga.

It's not exactly clear why I was told it was necessary to come in today. Basically everybody else managed to take this week off. I wonder if people lied about being away this week to get out of work.

My sister is having an identity crisis. I am low on sympathy. I am a bitter bitch. This is sort of an extreme example, but you never hear of someone starving in Ethiopia having an eating disorder. My sister has this luxury of freaking out because she's been spoiled. So minimal sympathy. This is why having three siblings is good - because the other one listens to her whine when I won't.

Josh gave me a Christmas present that ... I don't quite understand. He was very excited about it - something about getting through the airports, security and background checks? I have conquered the bedding thing and these days I begin the search two months ahead of time, and once Josh agrees he likes what I picked, he tells his mother that's what we want (I think). Still don't understand why it needs to be replaced each year but I've given up and just accepted this is how they do life.


Chris said...

Was it a Kinder surprise egg? Those are really hard to smuggle in. :)

One crazed mommy said...

That's me today - no one is here...I've been on Amazon all day.

Monica said...

TSA precheck is awesome. Although to be fair it's as much a present for Josh as it is for you as he wouldn't be able to use his if you didn't have it as well. The last trip I took the airport was packed and I made it curb to gate in 15 mins and I checked luggage. It just makes travel so much smoother.

Suzanne said...

I didn't know about TSA precheck. It is a great present for my travels 50% of the time husband!

You totally helped someone today. :) Me.

Mizasiwa said...

Acceptance is a gift u guve urself ;-) happy almost New Year!!