Monday, January 6, 2014

Not normal

Josh's grandparents gave me a big giftcard to Anthropologie for Hanukah, and this weekend Dani and I went to go use it. She brought a friend of hers from school, and the girl thought we were nuts. We kept saying to each other, "Do we like this?" because we share so much of our clothing that it's more cost-effective to buy stuff we both like.

Dani's friend couldn't believe we compromise that way. At first it really annoyed me and I was super angry about her comments. Then I realized that we're getting closer to the time when we're not going to be living together anymore and maybe we need to start thinking about splitting up our clothes. That makes me sad.

When we got home and were alone, I asked Dani if she had any idea when she'd want to move out and if she'd thought about how we'd deal with our clothes. Dani looked at me like I'm an idiot. "You get your work clothes and I get everything else." Um, what? Why wouldn't I get any of the good, fun clothes? She wasn't kidding. It made me want to kick her out.

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Suzanne said...

Ha! Sounds like it is definitely time to start your own wardrobe. Let her keep what's left and find yourself some nice things here and there. In a years time you will have a lot of lovely things to wear!