Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How is that even possible?!

Today I forgot to eat. Or drink. All day. Around 4pm I got a little dizzy which was when I noticed. It was kind of snack time but I couldn't find anything to eat that was healthy. Plus, I was meeting Josh at 7pm for a restaurant dinner. Chugging a ton of water held me over for three hours. When we met, I told Josh, and he shook his head. "That would never happen to any guy I know. How is that even possible? Sometimes I eat two dinners!" Yes, I've noticed.

The dinner was really good but I didn't feel like eating any more than I usually do. When we got home, Josh asked me to put reminders in my calendar twice a day to help me remember to eat each day. He kind of stood over me while I did it, and it made me feel small and I didn't like it.


Anonymous said...

don't feel small. feel loved.

Nina said...

I forget to eat till the early/late afternoon on a regular basis. I've been doing it since college, and my roommates used to come home from class and ask if I'd eaten.

Alisha said...

What Anonymous said above. Really.