Monday, February 24, 2014


Tell me everything I need to know about traveling for work! I had to work Saturday and got told I may get sent to a business trip. To say I am panicking would be like saying there was a small kerfluffle in Russia. What if I have to share a hotel room with the manager on the project? That will be so awkward!


One crazed mommy said...

The few times I have travelled for work with my boss I got my own room - I don't have a credit card, so she booked my room, paid for my meals, and travel. The only thing I was responsible for were items I picked up on my own (shopping during off time, etc). One of the times I did have to book and pay for my hotel room, and I just kept the receipts and was reimbursed by the company. I was a bit panicked when I had to travel as well, but I ended up enjoying it. One of the trips was to Chicago, which I had never been to - so after work we walked down Michigan Avenue, got drinks at the top of the Chrysler building, and ate at some AWESOME restaurants. We got a lot done, but had fun too! Hope you get to go somewhere nice!

Anonymous said...

I worked for a consulting firm and travelled all the time. Just like the other commenter said, you'll get your own room and do hang onto your receipts so that you can get reimbursed (via an expense report you fill out). Another tip: just use a carry-on roller bag for luggage - no one packs big suitcases that need to be checked. If you have to be at the client site for weeks at a time, you'll always be able to fly home for the weekends. Attire will be the same as what you wear at your client sites now. And be personable and pleasant with your manager (not that you wouldn't be!). We always talked about the "airport test" when assessing junior people - would you want to be stuck at an airport for hours with them. Have fun!

Suzanne said...

Only pack professional clothing. I made the mistake on my first trip packing too much that was too casual. I had to go shopping! It was not fun.

Karen said...

Great advice above.

Without knowing much about the culture of your org or your client, my advice about social engagements is to stick to one drink or zero. Some companies like to go drink during lunch or after work and as a professional woman I think you need to be careful to maintain strong boundaries in these kind of things.

Anonymous said...

Research where you are going for how the weather is. (You don't want to go to Phoenix with heavy sweaters!) Pack clothes that can be coordinated into potential multiple work outfits. Remember your 3-1-1 bag if all you have is a carry on. Just pack smart. You can do this! Have fun!

Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

Don't panic--the fact that your company wants to send you to clients means that they think you are doing good work and are trustworthy. Which you are :-)

Like everyone else said, you'll get your own room, it will probably be booked by the company, and if your boss is traveling with you they will pay. If you get sent on your own you will pay with your own credit card and be reimbursed when you present receipts.

Side note--Do you have a credit card? If not you might consider getting one from your bank or any credit card company. You don't have to use it, but as you progress in your career it will be expected that you have one. It is rare to get a company credit card unless you are in management, or your job consists of very frequent travel.

Pack lightly, with a small rolling carry-on. Bring clothes you can mix and match (like three shirts and two suits, or a two jackets and a pair of pants).

If its in a city you'll probably be able to go out to dinner, but won't see much beyond walking a few blocks around your hotel. (This also depends on the client; many bigger clients will take you out to dinner.) If its in the middle of nowhere and you're staying at a Holiday Inn, pack a book or a kindle or personal computer for your evenings.

It is a good thing--have a good time!

Rosie said...

You may eat breakfast and other meals at the hotel restaurant. It's ridiculously expensive, but you will be reimbursed. It's hard to eat healthy when you're traveling. Pack healthy snacks for yourself for the airplane ride and any other time (or buy them while you're there, but it's often hard to find or make the time to stop for shopping). Depending on where you go, you might have to rent a car. Usually, the senior colleague will pay for shared expenses such as travel and group meals. Just follow their lead and don't be afraid to ask questions.