Monday, February 24, 2014

I don't wanna go

North Carolina. A guy at work told me today all this notice is very lucky (found out Saturday afternoon), and that he's sometimes been sent home from work in the middle of the day and given two hours to pack and get to the airport. That is just crazy!

I was told to expect to be there through Saturday. I am not sure if that means we go home Saturday night or Sunday, but am pretty sure it means we are working this Saturday.

The two-hours-notice guy also said I should plan to spent 12 hours a day working, and maybe have enough energy to work out in the hotel gym before collapsing. Oh, and that most meals are fast food or from chain restaurants. Which is why I am baking homemade granola right now to pack, and have already looked up where the nearest farmer's market is, just in case there's time to run there to stock up on apples and citrus.

Can I just say, thank goodness Josh is not a spur of the moment take you on a trip kind of person? Because I can not pack this fast. Alex wandered by (all the stuff I'm considering taking is spread out all over the living room) and tried to help. "Don't take too many black tank tops. You're going to the South; they'll think you believe in the devil." Well thanks.


Anonymous said...

Take a deep breath and try to take it easy. Luckily, you've already got some travel experience under your belt from your travels with Josh. Try and look at this as a positive opportunity to see a new place and experience different things. Remember, it's only temporary! The work will be the same so you should feel secure about that part. You've done the airport thing several times. Hotels might still be a novelty to you, but basically they're all the same (maybe not as nice as the ones Josh takes you too). The advice you received yesterday was good. Relax and try to enjoy traveling on the company's dime. It will get easier. I agree with the other poster yesterday that if they didn't like you and your work, they wouldn't be sending you. You can do it! When you become more familiar with this traveling for work thing the anxiety will go away. Have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

P.S. - I'm from the South and we don't think black clothes = the devil. :-)

One crazed mommy said...

Hahaha - I have lived in SC my whole entire life, and my entire work wardrobe is about 95% black...or brown. I don't wear many colors either, however I like my clothes. :) What part of NC are you going to - Charlotte is a beautiful city, as is Raleigh. My hubby is from there and it's a beautiful state. Yuck on the 12 hour days - hopefully you will get some down time and some nice weather - it's been in the 60's and 70's this week in the Carolina's. Hope the trip goes well!

Anonymous said...

Pack your work clothes, pack a relax at the hotel outfit. Again... you can do this!!. Do not over analyze it! It'll be fine.

Miss Stroud said...

Hi, I'm agreed to ignore that comment, black is like the uniform of professionals everywhere. I would say my secret is to just take pants or skirts, blazers, pantyhose that you can spot clan and mix and match-but take underwear for two more days than you think you will need. That takes away the issues if you get stuck on a layover. And don't overhaul Moore than that- plan to keep your eyes open, listen hard, and really enjoy down time. Oh, and take pictures where you can!