Friday, March 7, 2014

If only she knew

Today at work when I was going to run out for lunch, this girl I don't know well offered to come with me. While we were waiting in line to pay she asked where I shop. Like, for clothes. "My boyfriend and my blog people pick them all out for me." You can't really say that.

When she turned to pay I quickly looked her up and down. Yeah, she needs help. Not mine of course, but somebody's. I am not the most gentle person in the world, so should not be the one to have to tell her "You are wearing ill-fitting clothes that do not fit your specific body." But she wears ill-fitting clothes that do not fit her body. Just because you can squeeze your body into it does not mean you should wear it.

I told her that Macy's has free personal shoppers. On the way home I was thinking about it, and realized that if someone knew nothing about me other than that my boyfriend picked out the majority of my clothes, it would give a totally wrong impression of us.

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