Monday, March 10, 2014

Oh hello stranger, may I ask you some personal questions about your face?

When Alex hit a certain age, my mother decided she needed to bring in more money and got a job as a receptionist through one of the ladies whose clothes she had done for years. When I think of my mom, I think of her as being beautiful. I remember not understanding why she bought a little bag full of makeup before she was about to start her new, fancy job. I didn't understand why she thought she needed all that to look beautiful - she was beautiful just how she was. Ugh, excuse me while I go have a panic attack and cry in the shower.

Okay. So. Um, yeah. I kind of come from the Kristen Stewart school of eye makeup.  When I started working, it was a huge learning curve to tone it down and be less "girl-with-attitude" and more "young-professional." That came about because Josh's mom pulled me aside one day and flat out told me to tone it down.

A few days ago, Dani and I were talking as I was getting ready, and she asked at what age we're supposed to start doing skincare stuff. "We already do it," I told her, gesturing to the Cetaphil and sunscreen we all use. "Ummm ... pretty sure we're supposed to do more than that. Where are our mud masks and moisturizers and stuff?"

I poked around online but got overwhelmed. Apparently there's stuff you do in your 20's, and different stuff in your 30's. But even just within your own decade there's a ton of different options. So we discussed going to Sephora, but it's always so crowded and claustrophobic there. (I don't understand why tourists go to major cities and ten go to chain stores.)

Since that discussion with Dani I've been staring at people on the train who look around my age and have good skin. I wish I could just ask. There's no way to do that though, without risking getting punched. I wish I could remember what my mom had in that bag.


Nina said...

I just wash my face with face wash, use moisturizer (sometimes toner? but not lately), put on sunscreen (usually? because I get lazy...), then makeup when I work. I don't get facials, I don't do masks except maybe once a year when I see a mask that was a free sample and think, why, I should try that! And I have pretty good skin for my age. I think? God knows.

BUT! A few years ago (I'm early 30s now), I started using eye cream. All my friends were using it starting when they were like 22. They were appalled that I hadn't started.

So maybe eye cream? Eye cream is easy - just like thicker, more expensive moisturizer. I used something by estee lauder that was good for sensitive skin, but they discontinued it. So now I'm using up free samples from clinique till I run out.

Karen said...

Do you have nice skin? By that I mean do you struggle with acne? Do you think your skin is oily or dry? I'm guessing with your Italian heritage you have a dark complexion and oily skin, but really I have no clue.

If you have oily skin, the main thing is to keep it clean. I think a daily wash with a mild soap is fine, then moisturize. Hopefully your moisturizer has a high SPF. You are lucky to have oily skin - you will stay young looking for a very long time as long as you keep using SPF 15.

You might also consider using an exfoliating wash to keep your pores from clogging.

And that's it.

Dry skin? Never use soap. Ever. Rinse with water. Use a gentle exfoliation wash, maybe. Moisturize with high SPF.

If you wear foundation you will need to remove it every night and I would suggest a very gentle make-up remover.

Eye cream IMO is a great way to throw money down the drain (sorry first poster!). I used some for a while in my early 40s. Whatever. I have good skin and look 10 years younger than my age. That's genetics plus religious use of sunblock.

I have two daughters - one with dry skin like me and no acne, and one with oily skin like her dad and a struggle against pimples. We've recently worked on getting sugar out of her diet and this has helped some with pimples on her face. She uses a Neutrogena sensitive skin face wash every day. She's 12 years old.