Wednesday, March 12, 2014

There were no Jewish boys in West Side Story

Each time I'm working on a different client, I have a different boss. At the end of each project, they fill out a thing on me, and that's sort of what my review will be made up of. It's a little scary, because they all have wildly different personalities, but it's also really great because if you click, they can request you for a project in the future.

The person I'm working for now is very "team building-y". I don't know if that's a real thing. But she seriously is one step away from having us all hold hands, close our eyes, and pray around the conference table before we begin working each morning.

There is only one other person at my same level on this project, and he is super kiss-assy to our boss. He even sits up straighter when she walks over to us. I'm honestly surprised he hasn't followed her into the bathroom and offered to wipe for her.

Today, she met with the clients and then told us this week is going to be harsh, and invited us to a happy hour. Kiss-Ass immediately said yes. I was going to do some errands after work and then had a specific dinner planned that isn't fast. Ultimately I agreed to one drink.

Josh met me at the bar we went to, and I got to introduce him to everyone. When I came back from the bathroom I saw him saying something to Kiss-Ass, who then kind of slinked away. Josh's face was dark and angry. I whispered to him "What happened?" Josh shook his head and mouthed later. That only made me even more curious.

On the way home, I asked again. Josh shook his head. "You don't want to know." I argued back. "I have to work with this guy; I DO want to know." Josh told me he made wildly inappropriate comments about my body and what I was like in bed, so Josh threatened him. Oh, well okay then. Can I get fired for this?

I am kind of scared to go to work tomorrow. This is so awkward now. And why the hell would he have made any comment at all about me? That's so weird!


Karen said...

That IS so weird. Maybe it goes to the fact that men have their own code and kiss-ass was communicating something to Josh that goes beyond his frank admiration for your body. Or maybe he's just an idiot.

Is he sleeping with your team lead? Does he want to?

It's too bad you know this information because it is so awkward. On the other hand, you now know that kiss-ass is distracted by your appearance. Use that to your advantage.

Anonymous said...

You can't be fired. But kiss ass can be. I say get through the tough week and see where things stand. Likely kiss ass won't say anything about it and will avoid talking to you. Then, consider talking to the manager about his inappropriate comments, especially if she was present at the happy hour event. You could even phrase it as "do you have any advice for me as to how to proceed?"

Anonymous said...

Wow, kiss-ass-h*le! Some people are unbelievable.

No need to be scared for your job, but remain vigilant so you are never alone with this k-a*hole.

Kizz Robinson said...

Kiss Ass sounds like someone who is always trying to say what the more powerful person in the room wants to hear. He gambled and lost HARD with Josh. Anonymous is right, there's no way that gets YOU fired but, if you choose to pursue it there could be some serious consequences for Kiss Ass.

Anonymous said...

Kids asses comments fall under harassment. Check the policy regarding harassment for your company and take the appropriate steps.