Saturday, March 29, 2014


Last Saturday I had to work, and ran into the scary partner. It is quieter and slower on the weekends. I was able to tell her about the guy and about what I said to him. She just laughed and said not to worry about it.

Then in the middle of the week she emailed me like "Thank you for telling me about the comments Tim made to you at the happy hour Manager hosted...." so I just replied thanking her for being willing to talk to me about it. Then she forwarded the whole thing to an HR person and asked them to take whatever further steps they felt were necessary.

That kind of freaked me out because I didn't know what would happen after HR found out. I was super glad though that I was done working with Tim. So far nothing's happened to me. So I guess if they were going to fire me it would have happened already. Right?


Kizz Robinson said...

I'm not sure how many ways we can tell you this, when someone makes inappropriate comments to you and you report it you don't get fired. In the extremely unlikely event that you do it puts you in a position to take legal action against the company. This went your way because you are in the right. Worry that maybe they're going to make you have a stupid awkward conversation about it, not that they'll fire you.

One crazed mommy said...

They are not going to fire you - I work in HR, and in this case you did the right thing. Unless you file a formal complaint yourself, HR more than likely isn't going to get involved. However, since they were forward the email, I can guarantee they are keeping that on file in the event creepy guy does anything else. Most companies have a no retaliation policy, which is in place to protect employees who in good faith report forms of harassment. You did nothing wrong - you are fine!!