Sunday, April 20, 2014

Maybe I should appreciate Josh more

This girl Brittany at work is a bit of a hot mess personally who sort of barely pulls it together for the job. I know an outrageous amount of personal stuff about her. Including that her semi live-in boyfriend is an actual reformed heroin user who is a current alcoholic who has gout. His job is being a money-taker/security guard at a strip club. He's also the custodian who mops the floors after guys watching the strippers make them sticky. So yeah.

Anyway apparently they have this super difficult relationship, and he's like, a terrible boyfriend. For Christmas, Brittany wanted one of four specific things, each under $50. He gave her some weird art he bought off Etsy from an ex-girlfriend that doesn't go with her house. He doesn't understand why she didn't love it. But the sex is really amazing.

They get in big dramatic fights on the regular, and he cheated on her once, and she's cheated on him many times. She told me they have an open relationship, so I'm a little confused on the cheating part, but I don't ask too many questions.

So, recently this other guy who has been with his girlfriend for something like a hundred years, has told Brittany he'll break up with his girlfriend for her. And she's (had sex with him) really into him, and really into how stable he is, with a real job, and no drama. But Brittany was conflicted because she couldn't quite bring herself to break up with the first guy.

She constantly threatens to break up with the boyfriend, and I told her this new guy sounds perfect, and she should go for it. But she couldn't bring herself to. Except that last week, they got in a huge fight about going to some concert (the details were a little murky and I don't care enough about the minute details to ask Brittany to clarify) and really DID break up.

Today Brittany was crying on and off all day and when she came back from lunch she was hysterical. So hysterical that when she tried to tell me why, I couldn't understand what she was saying. Finally this guy overheard and told me "he gave back the house keys." Oh. Well that seems sort of final I guess. Brittany said the boyfriend told her he'll never be able to be the kind of boyfriend she wants (which I agree with) because he doesn't even think he'll be alive for a long time. I didn't quite understand that logic - it seems like a cop out to me.

All that to say that 1. Brittany is not doing her share of work which means there's more for me and the other person to do, 2. Sometimes work is like a soap opera, and 3. I need to be much nicer to Josh and thank him for not doing crack. Heroin. Whatever.


JJ said...

Uh-oh, God heard you complain about Josh's guests and was like, "Haha, better remind her he could be an alcoholic strip club bouncer with gout!!

Rosie said...

4. Work relationships are almost always a bad idea.