Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Well, it's not New York

I probably am, but really try not to be obnoxious about being a New Yorker. Work sent me to St. Louis. That's Missouri. I'm still here. In Missouri. We got sent here last Thursday. We had to work Saturday. And Sunday. Josh had told me he'd fly me home Friday night and back here Sunday night if we didn't have to work over the weekend.

It turns out I'm not a small-city kind of girl. Falling asleep to the sound of sirens IS white noise to my sleepy ears. I got really freaked out the first night, not hearing any street noise. Eventually though, I fell asleep and it turns out I slept deeper than I ever slept before in my life.

On Sunday I was able to carve out a few free hours and ran out to the nearest farmer's market to get some good food. From now on I'm going to travel with ziploc storage bags. That's really weird I know, but I am really just not happy when the only food options are unhealthy. So I picked up a bunch of fruit, organic yogurt, organic cheese, and fresh bread. When I bought the loaf of bread I talked them into cutting it up for me, so now I can have cheese sandwiches each day.

I don't know why everyone seeks out fast food for every single meal. At this point they think I'm weird for not wanting to eat with them, but I don't feel good if I eat that way. There are rumors there are good restaurants here, and Josh told me to use his credit card for whatever I want on work trips, but everyone else is so enthusiastic about going to all the fast food places.

Also, this is something awkward that happened: one of the other people who came out here is this Indian guy. On Thursday night I got all ready for bed and then there was a knock on my hotel door and it was him - he wanted to sort out if I was definitely doing something or he had to do it. I was kind of startled he was at the door (why not just text me or even call?) and just threw a sweater on over my nightgown. I should have pulled on my jeans too, because it was a little short.

Anyway, we talked for like five minutes and then as he was walking out we said good night and then he goes, "I like your dress." I didn't correct him.


Monica said...

Even if you only eat part of your meal with them and top up with your more healthy food back at the hotel you should try and join your coworkers occasionally. The relationships you develop with them on these trips will pay off in your future career. People remember people they like when it comes to putting together teams for new assignments.

They also remember people who do excellent work, but if you can hit both buttons it's a bonus.

Most, but not all, fast food places will have something that at least nods at being healthy. One of their salads probably won't satisfy you but you can eat with the team and since you won't be eating much you'll be free to socialize a little.

Rosie said...

It was rather inappropriate for that coworker to come to your hotel door. I'm glad it worked out well, but next time, you could say, "Next time, just text or call, OK?"

Anonymous said...

Ziploc bags are a good idea! Also you can bring nuts and dried fruits with you for snacks.

It probably isn't a good idea to allow a male colleague into your hotel room. Just because he shows up at the door doesn't mean you have to let him in.

Talking to him in your doorway would have been a option.

Perhaps you could have told him that you were done for the day, that it wasn't a good time.

And just because someone knocks on your door doesn't mean you have to answer right away, or at all. You can take the time to get dressed if you choose to answer.

You might want to get a lightweight robe that fully covers you to pack for future work trips.