Wednesday, June 25, 2014

It would be too corny

So I'm not going to say Howdy even though I'm in Texas. In NY some girls wear dresses with cowboy boots. It's sort of ironic. Here they do it, and it's ... not. Everything I know about Texas comes from Friday Night Lights.

I don't know if everything really IS bigger in Texas but everything is more ... constructed here. I once heard the term "a full face" in reference to wearing a lot of makeup. In NY, when someone's all done up like that, I assume they're a model or actress coming from work. Everyone is all into subtle. Not in Texas. Big makeup. Big smiles. Is assertive smiling a thing?

The great thing is, it's super easy to get good quality food. Huge portions - I haven't finished one meal yet. I was sort of hoping for really big hair, like 80's Jersey height. You know, the higher the hair, the closer to Jesus?

In case you didn't know, I'm really really mean. The slow-talking drives me crazy. It truly makes me feel like I have ADHD to listen to people here talk because it takes them so long to get their words out that I have to keep reminding myself to pay attention and not scream, "HURRY UP, SPIT IT OUT!" It's at the point now where I'm emailing our clients just a hallway away because reading their responses goes so much faster.

I just want to go home. Maybe I'm not a traveling person since I think so negatively. I just want to be around my sisters and Josh. I want my own kitchen. I want to come home from working for 12 hours and bake while cooking soup. The problem with traveling for work is that at the end of your (very, very) long day, you don't go home. You go to a hotel. So you feel like you're just working for days on end. Which you are. Weekends mean nothing. Night time means nothing. I think this must be why people seem to drink so much while traveling for work.

The only good thing is, we didn't get a dog. Pretty sure missing my dog would push me over the edge.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Texas, Sam!

We might talk slow but you'll never meet friendlier people. Be sure and eat some Tex-Mex while you're here, cos you won't get the real thing anywhere else. I suggest cheese enchiladas with chili gravy (no meat), rice, refried beans, salsa and pico de gallo.

Sorry you're missing home and your routine. Remember to keep your eye on the payoff at the end.


Rosie said...

I traveled a lot in my 20s. Travel out on Mondays and back on Fridays. That left the weekends to catch up on laundry and bills. I didn't have time for a life. I hated it. But I did get to experience new people and places and GOOD FOOD. Now, I would give anything for a week alone in a hotel room where I could just sit and read or watch TV and be by myself. The grass is always greener...