Thursday, June 19, 2014


When we moved into our building, we were probably the loudest people here. Beyond being loud Italians, we're not really that loud. There's a strong mix of people here - families with babies, young couples, older couples, single people... and basically everybody gets along. Sometimes someone's dog pees in a hallway and one neighbor complains so the dog-neighbor apologizes. It's all very quiet and civil.

It seems like there's been some turnover in the last few months. I haven't noticed anybody moving in or out, but all of a sudden there are a LOT of little kids, and they're not the well-behaved kind.

The desk Dani sits at to study is up against a wall that's shared with neighbors. Neighbors who have kids. For at least two hours every day she hears what sounds like people being thrown against the wall (she thinks a bed is up against that wall) and toy cars or something like it running all around the wall.

Almost each night we hear little kids screeching and screaming through the halls. It goes on and on, and sometimes we can't hear each other talk within the same room. It's not even words - just sounds. Who the hell is letting them make so much noise?

Last weekend when I was coming home, I ran into two little kids hanging out in the lobby, like 3 and 5? They were super open and smiley Indian kids, happy to tell me all about the picnic they were about to go on. I don't think they're the ones making all the noise. I want to have them spy and report back who the bad kids are so I can go yell at them.

Josh got aggravated tonight during the Screaming Hour after dinner and mumbled, "time to move!" I don't know if he means us or them.

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Mizasiwa said...

Babies suddenly turn into kids - that's probably what's happened with a lot of those young families - it always seems like this happens over night its. As shocking to the parents as to u!! Comunal licing (in an apartment like that) can suck good luck