Monday, June 16, 2014

Still working it all out

It's been long enough that Josh and I have been living together - you would think by now all issues would be smoothed out. I did. Everyone knows Dani wishes we hadn't moved in with Josh. Everyone knows Josh wished he could have moved in with just me and not my sisters. It's all out in the open.

Josh thought me and my sisters were too close. He is still uncomfortable being in bed with my sisters being in the bedroom. He does not like our lack of modesty with each other, and wishes we all closed bathroom doors during showers. To be honest, I think Josh still thinks we're too close. He thinks the regularity with which we share clothes is too much. We try to humor him a little, because living with three girls must be hard.

Sometimes we forget. I have told my sisters repeatedly (more in the first year or two when we moved in together, less these days) to be respectful of Josh's uncomfortableness with walking around in jeans and a bra in the mornings. On Saturday Danielle apparently forgot, and I was woken up to a high pitched screech. In the middle of getting dressed she'd wandered into the kitchen to start water going for eggs.

I thought Josh was upset that Dani didn't have a shirt on, and he was. But he was also upset that she was wearing my bra.

Me: What? We're the same size.
Josh: That's like sharing underwear!
Me: No, it's different.
Josh: It's gross!
Me: No, it's really not.
Josh: I pulled that bra off you a week ago when we were having sex!
Me: .... oh.

He walked out completely disgusted. I told Dani we can't share anymore. Josh came back an hour later. I saw him go toss an envelope on Danielle's bed before coming over to me. "Please use this," Josh said. He pressed something into my hand. Today I spent my giftcard at Victoria's Secret. Danielle also spent hers. Poor little Alex got nothing new, because she's ... little.


One crazed mommy said...

Okay...I don't have a sister, but I have had several roommates. We may not have shared bras, but even we shared clothes!!! He seriously is way over-freaked about this!! Growing up, I also shared clothes with my mom - and even borrowed her bra once. It's not gross - it's family. That's what sisters, moms, roommates do...guys just don't understand!!

Anonymous said...

Just to say -- my boyfriend is an identical twin, and when they lived together they just had a communal set of boxers and white under shirts. They'd do laundry and then just divide up the undergarments. I thought it was funny but I never really cared ...

Karen said...

I applaud Josh for his creative and fun attempt to solve the bra problem!

sam said...

Yeah, he throws money at problems to fix them a lot.

Anonymous said...

Is there a particular reason not to close the bathroom door when showering?

It is understandable that a boyfriend or husband would feel discomfort regarding immodest behavior involving the sisters of his girlfriend or wife in his presence. He doesn't want to risk anything inappropriate happening.

It is good that you strive to understand and respect Josh's discomfort.

It is also good that instead of just demanding certain behavior, Josh takes action to help make it happen.

sam said...

Sure - old habit, we're all running around getting ready in the morning usually and asking each other questions and reminding each other of things and doors get in the way, and lastly so the mirrors don't get all fogged up from the steam.

There's no RISK of anything inappropriate happening. ???