Monday, June 9, 2014

Wise words, calming cadence

Yesterday Josh and I were walking back from a farmer's market and ran into a guy I work with. He's like way higher up than I am, and was actually kind of dickish to work with. Ed waved us over and invited us to sit down and chat over coffee. Josh told me to stay, saying he would take all our food home. So I stayed. I chatted.

It turns out Ed is not a dick as a personal person, just as a work person. We had this hour-long talk about how difficult work can be, how to get clients to give you the information you're waiting on, how to manage your anger when they give you deadlines but sneak out side doors at 8pm on Fridays while you sit waiting for the docs to meet those deadlines, and on and on.

This was a really good talk, surprisingly. I totally feel like I'm going to walk into work tomorrow with a totally different perspective. Better able to work around assholenish. It was super nice of Ed to reach out like that and help so much.


Anonymous said...

That's great Sam!

Maybe at the end of the day today say to Ed something like what you wrote in your post:

Thank you so much, Ed, for inviting me (and Josh) to sit down and chat over coffee yesterday when we happened to meet up.

I greatly appreciate the really good talk we ended up having; I walked into work today with a totally different perspective, was better able to work around difficulties, and had a great day!

It was super nice of you to reach out like that and help me so much.

Elaine said...

Yes, there's a phenomenon that happens sometimes. It's good to meet people out of work sometimes for exactly this weekend.

Do let him know you appreciated it. Too few good deeds are acknowledged.

Elaine said...

Reason, not weekend. Sheesh.