Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Yes, all women

When we lived in the South Bronx it was never apartments that had doormen. I never unlocked the door to the building if a man was walking behind me, or towards me. Same thing in the hallway in front of the apartment. I never held the door open for anyone. In ninth grade my social studies teacher told us about how she held the apartment door open for the man who turned out to be her mugger.

This weekend I realized my sisters never got a serious talk about this stuff. I made a mental note to do it. Today I was coming home from work when I saw Alex almost a block ahead of me. We have a doorman so I was really surprised to see her walk right by our place and keep going. She stopped half a block past our apartment and started digging in her bag. I ran to catch up with her as Al was pulling out her cell phone.

"I didn't recognize the doorman. Is he new?" she asked me. So proud. Guess we don't need to have that talk.

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Chris said...

I don't even know you two personally but crazily enough I feel very proud of her for being so smart and of you for setting an example. Yes we need to educate boys not to harm girls, but not neglect showing girls how to stay safe.