Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Big baby steps

Both my sisters have had to pay for their cell phones for a while now. Alex has had to pay for her toe shoes. Now that she's graduated she has officially retired from ballet (I'm sure her school is pissed that they wasted all that time on her), and will just take classes for fun. This means she won't be going through toe shoes almost weekly anymore. I realized Al will have a lot more money without having to buy all her ballet stuff.

So yesterday I announced that from now on they both have to buy all their own clothes. Plus all their stuff for school. Unknown to them, I did both their budgets. There is just no way either can afford to move out, and Dani's grades will suffer if she works as much as I did since she's double-majoring, and Alex is simply ... not capable. I don't know if she's too immature or too spoiled or what, but she won't be able to move out and support herself in a month.

Josh suggested that we tell them that they have to move out next summer. It gives them a year to figure their shit out, save money, figure out if they want to share a studio or what. I asked Josh if he's sure he can stand to deal with them another year and he pointed out that Danielle is barely here, and Alex is going to be super busy now that she's starting college.

Plus I know Danielle wants desperately to do a year abroad, so that alone would make home much less intense.


Anonymous said...

Baby steps are also how Alex can become more capable and independent, with your encouragement and guidance.

One crazed mommy said...

I think that sounds like a great plan! Gives everyone plenty of time to work on moving towards independence, and now that Alex is going to college, she is at the age to take on more responsibilty and independence. Will be good for everyone!

Suzanne said...

Love it! It might also help if you phrase it like, "Josh and I plan to move out of this apartment next year and into a smaller place of our own. We would like you two to consider what you would like to do for your living situations and start to plan now."
That might be more palatable to them than, you gots to go!