Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The bitching about work must end, immediately

A guy from work committed suicide over the weekend. No idea if it was because of work or what, but I could totally see that being the case. Some managers really get off on making other people's lives miserable. A really sensitive person having that happen could take it super personally.

All day we were unsettled and everyone kept gossiping about him. I didn't want to talk about him. Not because I don't care. Because I didn't know him very well, and can't imagine someone wanting their pain and life discussed by people who are just excited to have something big to talk about besides work.

After work I changed my clothes and took Josh out for a run (this makes him sound like a dog but he's not - I just wanted to talk and move). He asked me to promise that if I ever felt so bad that suicide seems like a good option, I would come tell him. I just agreed and didn't say that time already passed.

As I thought about it more I realized that for me the feeling passed. Maybe for the guy at work, it didn't. Not every problem is temporary. I hope he's at least at peace now.


One crazed mommy said...

So sad - no job is worth that! You can replace a job...you can't replace a life. :(

Anonymous said...

My guess is, it wasn't about work.