Thursday, July 17, 2014


I am not a wallflower. Sometimes I don't say anything when someone treats me like shit, but I am absolutely aware. At a certain point I am finished taking their shit.

That point came today. This girl at work has really been struggling. Like, Closed Door Talks with her mentor struggling and Scared She's Going to be Fired struggling. Plus she's the type who makes stupid mistakes when she's nervous instead of intensely focusing and triple-checking everything. So I have been helping her when I can. Sometimes I can't, like when a manager asks her a question and the first sentence of her response has "like" four times.

I'm sort of getting a handle on how work works, so I only help her when I have free time. Like yesterday I had 20 minutes for lunch, and I agreed to review her report while she ran out to get our food. If it's not too late at the end of the day I'll stay a few minutes and help her figure out what her emails mean. But I refuse to put my work aside for hers. She is really decent about respecting my boundaries.

This week I'm working on a client with this guy who right away announced he has some executive functioning thing. He is forever using it as an excuse. "You'll have to do that part because I can't. Because of my disability." He keeps dumping his work on me. Not asking. Demanding. Fuck that. He'll interrupt my work to put his in front of me, and then do that thing some guys do where they physically intimidate intimidate you with their body by standing over you while you're sitting down. I hate that.

Today I snapped. "Maybe you're not cut out for this job if your disability prevents you from doing so much of it." He claimed he was firing off an angry email to HR about my lack of sensitivity and unwillingness to be a team player. "Good luck remembering to follow up with them," I smirked when he told me what he was doing. Bitchy thing to say, but your disability is not my problem. Your "reasonable accommodation" is not "dump all work on Sam." I am like 90% interested to see how HR handles this and 10% amused.

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Anonymous said...

It's very nice what you're doing for your girl co-worker. I am glad you let your bitch out when dealing with disability guy. It is really not your problem. He needs to talk to his manager about his work load and his limitations.